Reviews for Going Up the Country

Quick Lit Book Review: ‘Going Up the Country’ by Yvonne Daley







New York Times Review of An Independent Man

A review, as it originally appeared in this New York Times article titled "Take Away One." More bashful than bold, Senator James M. Jeffords of Vermont seemed an unlikely figure to set off a political storm. But he nevertheless sent Washington into a frenzy in 2001...

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Octavia Boulevard Reviews

Yvonne Daley’s Octavia Boulevard, for my money, ranks right up there with Angela’s Ashes and Eat, Pray, Love. From Chinatown to Haight-Ashbury, Daley brings San Francisco to life in literature as no one has since the Beat Poets. Best of all is the marvelous apartment...

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Interview with Gary Miller of writethebook

Author Gary Miller has many hats — He runs writing groups for people recovering from addiction. He coaches emerging and developing writers. He also directs writethebook, an online and radio site on which he interviews writers and posts writing prompts.

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Yvonne Daley Author Bio

Yvonne Daley is a professor of journalism and Director of the Green Mountain Writer’s Conference.